Traditions!! ;-)

So, this will only make me miss Christmas more. 🙁

For Christmas me and family + extended family go to my dad´s parents. On Christmas, morning we eat toasties, a family specialty that I looked up but did not find it. It has rye bread on the bottom with sausage and cheese( we eat this on every special occasion).

After that my family heads over to my mom´s side of the family´s celebration. There we eat lunch then open presents. After that we eat lunch and play with the toys we got. When that is over we go back to our dad´s parents house, spend one more night, then go back home

For Thanksgiving we drive to my mom´s parents house and spend the week there. We eat Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday and on Friday the girls go to the mall while the boys go to the Bass Pro Shop.


Winter...a tiny magic everywhere...Creative Commons License Neda Andel via Compfight

Here is a game called Learn to Fly 2

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